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Optimal choice

The Optimal Choice Platform allows businesses of all sizes to relieve them responsibility of Workers Compensation, Payroll (including payroll tax filing), Human Resources, Safety Services and Unemployment Compensation Administration to Innovative Employer Solutions as the Administrative Employer while the business owner remains control and focused on revenue generating activities.

Payroll & Tax Services

  • Process paychecks
  • Direct Deposit – multiple accounts
  • Process garnishments (wage attachments) & forward the payment to the government agency (if requested)
  • Process certified payrolls & provide the necessary report

Safety / Risk Management

  • Provide Risk Management Analysis
  • Provide on-site OSHA inspections/audits
  • Provide site hazard analysis/recognition
  • Job safety hazard analysis/physical requirement forms
  • Provide written safety programs
  • Provide OSHA citation abatement assistance
  • Design emergency planning & contingency plans
  • Provide written compliance programs
  • Develop customized safety manuals
  • Develop industry specific safety rules & regulations
  • Safety Committee implementation
  • Accident Investigation/corrective action techniques
  • Provide new/relocated employee orientations
  • Provide safety training (including site specific)
  • Provide supervisor safety training

Workers’ Compensation Administration

  • Provide claims management assistance (additional charges may apply)
  • Injury/cost analysis
  • Identify workplace injury trends
  • Medical provider relations

Human Resources Administration

  • Consult & advise on HR policies & procedures
  • Provide customized employee handbooks
  • Consult with developing job descriptions
  • Consult with performance evaluations & provide materials
  • Consult in keeping our clients compliant with Federal & State regulations (i.e., ADA, ADEA, FLS, FMLA, etc.)
  • Consult with hiring, firing & disciplinary actions
  • Consult with drug & alcohol testing policies & procedures
  • Provide various types of reports such as overtime, job, costing, benefit deductions, employee earnings, etc.
  • Prepare & file the following:
    • State Unemployment taxes (quarterly) *State specific
    • Earned Income taxes (quarterly)
    • Process W-2’s & send directly to employees (year end)
  • Respond to verification of employment & income requests
  • Consult on new hire employee paperwork (Application,W-4, I-9, W-5, State Withholding, etc.)
  • Assist with defending unemployment (additional charges mayapply)
  • Assist with internal investigations
  • Conduct management and employee training
  • Assist with implementing a progressive discipline policy to reduce possible legal exposure and/or unemployment

Key Advantages of the Professional Employer to help eliminate the “Red Tape”:

► Shared risk (we file your employees under our Federal ID number which allows us to administratively manage them for you and at the same time offer “group” benefits to them)

► You’re still in control (you still have all the operational control of your employees including schedules, rates, hiring & firing)

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