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Optimal Choice PEO service allows businesses of all sizes to transfer the responsibilities of a variety of components such as workers’ compensation, payroll (including payroll tax filing), human resources, safety services and unemployment compensation administration. With Optimal Choice, employees of a business become “co-employed,” meaning that Innovative Employer Solutions ultimately becomes the Administrative Employer while the business remains in control of aspects like the recruiting and hiring processes and focusing on revenue-generating activities.

Payroll & Tax Services

  • Process paychecks
  • Direct Deposit – multiple accounts
  • Process garnishments (wage attachments) & forward the payment to the government agency (if requested)
  • Process certified payrolls & provide the necessary report


Safety / Risk Management

  • Provide Risk Management Analysis
  • Provide on-site OSHA inspections/audits
  • Provide site hazard analysis/recognition
  • Job safety hazard analysis/physical requirement forms
  • Provide written safety programs
  • Provide OSHA citation abatement assistance
  • Design emergency planning & contingency plans
  • Provide written compliance programs
  • Develop customized safety manuals
  • Develop industry specific safety rules & regulations
  • Safety Committee implementation
  • Accident Investigation/corrective action techniques
  • Provide new/relocated employee orientations
  • Provide safety training (including site specific)
  • Provide supervisor safety training

Workers’ Compensation Administration

  • Provide claims management assistance (additional charges may apply)
  • Injury/cost analysis
  • Identify workplace injury trends
  • Medical provider relations

Human Resources Administration

  • Consult & advise on HR policies & procedures
  • Provide customized employee handbooks
  • Consult with developing job descriptions
  • Consult with performance evaluations & provide materials
  • Consult in keeping our clients compliant with Federal & State regulations (i.e., ADA, ADEA, FLS, FMLA, etc.)
  • Consult with hiring, firing & disciplinary actions
  • Consult with drug & alcohol testing policies & procedures
  • Provide various types of reports such as overtime, job, costing, benefit deductions, employee earnings, etc.
  • Prepare & file the following:
    • State Unemployment taxes (quarterly) *State specific
    • Earned Income taxes (quarterly)
    • Process W-2’s & send directly to employees (year end)
  • Respond to verification of employment & income requests
  • Consult on new hire employee paperwork (Application,W-4, I-9, W-5, State Withholding, etc.)
  • Assist with defending unemployment (additional charges mayapply)
  • Assist with internal investigations
  • Conduct management and employee training
  • Assist with implementing a progressive discipline policy to reduce possible legal exposure and/or unemployment

Key Advantages of the Professional Employer to help eliminate the “Red Tape”:

► Shared risk (we file your employees under our Federal ID number which allows us to administratively manage them for you and at the same time offer “group” benefits to them)

► You’re still in control (you still have all the operational control of your employees including schedules, rates, hiring & firing)

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