Safety / risk management

Taking the "risk" out of risk management.

Safety and risk management are often a hassle for businesses. That's why IES provides specialized training and consultation services that are unique to each business and the industry they do business in.

Safety/Risk Management

  • Provide prevention seminars, worksite consultations and other training customized to your industry
  • Maintain OSHA logs
  • Provide technical resources with all safety aspects
  • Provide inspections of work environment to help prevent employee injury
  • Provide safety/risk management and client services such as:

   ◊ OSHA regulatory compliance
   ◊ Fire prevention and disaster evacuation plans
   ◊ Injury reduction plans
   ◊ Safety committees
   ◊ Physical hazards awareness
   ◊ Electrical safety awareness
   ◊ Personal protective equipment (PPE)
   ◊ Right to know hazard communications (MSDS)
   ◊ Forklift training
   ◊ Fleet and CDL policies
   ◊ Bloodborne pathogens exposure
   ◊ Lock-out/tag out
   ◊ New employee safety orientation

*Note: Services subject to eligibility requirements.

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